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#WinningWeekends - Win a Whiskey Explorer Pack

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

If you read the blog, or know me at all - you'll probably know that I LOVE a good competition! I'm aiming to create and maintain keep a live list of great travel competitions from all over the web, so that you too can have the chance to...

In the meantime, I have a few qualifying purchases and even some of my own winnings laying about. Let's put them to good use - cheering you guys up! I can't promise a giveaway every week - but I'm going to open and close my giveaways on the weekend - hence the hashtag #WinningWeekends .

You can enter via a multitude of routes to increase your chances of winning!

Enter on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, or the GLEAM app at the end of this post.

What do I get out of it? A social media tribe! Entries are gained by liking, following and interacting with my various social media platforms. Everyone wins!

My first ever giveaway is a Whiskey Explorer set!

I purchased some Jameson's whiskey for the chance to win some luxury travel. We haven't cracked it open - so it seems like a good idea to get it out of the house before temptation takes over. We still haven't finished our open bottle anyway! Along with the Whiskey itself, is a Jameson's branded backpack, that I won as a runner-up prize (wonder which lucky devil won the trip!). It's really nice quality, and not too heavy on the branding, which raises my estimations of the company. I hate prizes that are tacky, plastic, over-branded or not fit for purpose! This is none of those things - quality all the way.

I think this would make an excellent weekend treat - Nothing like a good hike in some beautiful countryside. Take some time to admire the view at your rest-stop, while a nip of Whiskey warms you up. You can take your picnic and dram with you in your backpack! It also has plenty of room for other necessities like water, camera, binoculars, dog-poop bags etc.

Obviously, I encourage only responsible enjoyment of alcohol by those of legal drinking age,

and no driving after a drink! Also, please adhere to Covid-19 restrictions in your given area when selecting where to go hiking. (The hike is not a requirement of winning the prize - you can curl up on the couch and sip on the sofa if you prefer!)



Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor

Would love to win this prize. Thank you for the chance :)


Lucy Barlow
Lucy Barlow

That's very true Suzanne1960! I have to say I'm not a fan of resolutions - but if people are going to make them, I want to give folks the best chance of SUCCEEDING. Being realistic doesn't mean you can't challenge yourself - but the other side of the coin is being compassionate to yourself along the way.


Having realistic goals is important, striving to so new things but not stressing is these are not achieved immediately.

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