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#WinningWeekends, #MAKE Giveaway, Win an Origami and Paper Craft Kit

Happy New Year chicos and chicas! I had hoped to publish the first of my MAKE Videos and Blog Posts from Cyprus today. Unfortunately my computer is having an absolute dicky-fit. So, not wishing to miss the first post of the year, let's have a giveaway instead! Wahoo! Make the most of the bumps in the road, right? This week is a #MAKE giveaway. I'll be sending one lucky winner a curated collection of origami and paper craft materials - inspired by my 'How to Make and Origami Lily' and

'How to Make an Origami Lucky Star Lamp' videos. I'll also include a couple of the LED cork lights to complete your Lucky Star Lamp kit (you'll have to drink a bottle of something to provide your own bottle - WHAT A SHAME!). For a chance to win - complete as many actions as you'd like on the GLEAM Giveaway app below, or CLICK HERE : Ts & Cs HERE Entries Close: 18:00hrs, Sunday January 31st, 2022 Good Luck - and don't forget to comment of what kind of prizes and giveaways you'd like to see in the future! Do you prefer MAKE (craft and creative), TRACKS (Music and Audio), or TRAVEL (travel equipment or souvenirs) prizes?


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