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Winning Weekends - #MakeYourOwn Alebrijes Kit - Mexico

Time for another giveaway - and I'm very excited, as the blog is nearing it's arrival in San Martín Tilcajete, hometown os the world famous Mexican Alebrijes. Well... I say that... the SOCIAL POSTS, are about to arrive there... my blogging game has been non-existent recently! I have no excuses, but I'm on my way to fixing it.

Anyway - I'd been OBSESSED with the idea of documenting some of the Alebrije making process. I'm not usually one for religion, faith or superstitions - but there was something about these 'dream animal' statues that really caught my imagination. I ended up commissioning my own Alebrije for my family - and i thought that you might really enjoy the chance to make your own - or at least decorate one! So I've bundled together this fab little pack. A set of plain, un-painted Alebrije miniatures, made from the same Copal tree wood that is the material for the real deal sculptures. There's a pack of paints and brushes for you to decorate yours, and a selection of pre-painted pieces to give you some inspiration, along with a beautiful coffee table book, showing the work of Alebrije Masters Jacobo and María Ángeles. So - you know how we roll - enter via the Gleam app below, and you could be getting your Mexican Make on sooner than you think!

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