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Winning Weekends - Made in Mexico

Heyyyy, Hoooo! It's time for another giveaway, no? At the moment (certainly on the socials, anyway), I'm slowwwwly making my way through the Mexico leg of my recent adventures. Yes - I promise it will come to the blog soon too! So as we journey together through the creative hot spots of Mexico - I thought I'd open my #MadeInMexico giveaway. I've collected together all sorts of different crafts from different stops on the tour. There's... - home-made artisan paper, with traditional paintings on from the art fair in Mexico City - a hand woven scarf and purses (using natural dyes!) from just outside of Mitla - a hand-carved obsidian arrowhead from Teotihuacan - a couple little extra surprises! - all inside a beautiful embroidered bag from Monte Alban near Oaxaca

All told, there's about $75 of lovely creative colour!

As the weeks go by, (the giveaway is open until Saturday June 25th), you'll be able to see photos videos and blog articles about the creation process, and the artists who made some of these gorgeous pieces. If you need a little injection of colour into your life, this is a beautiful prize is perfect! Simply complete as many actions as you like, in the giveaway app below, and I'll randomly select a winner after June 26th! Simple! I'd also love if you have any comments about what prizes you'd like to see on this site in the future! Good Luck everybody!


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