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Let's MAKE Love: Valentines Gifts for the Craft-Lover in your life.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Note From the Ed: I am an Amazon and Awin Affiliate marketing member. The product links in this article are designed to help you find the things you need, fast. If you click these links and decide to buy something from the linked website - I may receive a small commission.

Yes folks, it’s February! You know what that means? Valentines Day!

This year, locked down and in the house with your other half all day long...

... you really WON’T have an excuse for forgetting!

Note from the Ed: We understand that Valentines can be a hard time for some.

People have lost loved ones, and loneliness can feel magnified when others are celebrating their relationships. If you are feeling low on this holiday, please reach out for help from professional services that are waiting to hear from you. Samaritans: Call 116 123 for FREE (UK) Cruse Grief Helpline: Call 0808 808 1677

Normally, my ‘significant other’ and I don’t do Valentines. However this year more than ever, it feels not just necessary but NEEDED! Everyone needs a little pick-me-up as we close in on nearly 365 days of Covid. It does us the world of good to be reminded that we SURVIVED this year, and furthermore, someone is happy that you’re still in the world. More of us will be grieving the loss of loved ones this year, and looking to show our affection to those who have made it through. We have also had to sacrifice some of our greatest pleasures in 2020. Travel abroad is nigh on impossible. Live music and concerts have had a death-blow, and a lot of us are missing quality time spent connecting with others in person.

So I’ve compiled a few lists of Valentines gifts - one for each of the blog focus points.

Valentines Gifts for the Craft-Lover in your Life For Your Dabbling Date.

Valentines Gifts for the Craft-Lover in your Life

A gift from the heart that is handmade can be more valuable than anything. Plus it has the added bonus of giving you something to while away the lockdown hours. For more on Why Crafting is good for you Mental Wellbeing, visit my Blog Post on that topic. Maybe this year is the year to try your hand at making a gift! I’ll be blogging more in the coming weeks on how to make and craft romantic gifts.

Alternatively, if you are buying FOR the craft-lover in your life, a gift that introduces them to a new craft, or takes them further on their maker’s journey, is a gift that will keep on giving year round. Way better than a bunch of petrol station flowers! You could go for a double whammy - buy them an introductory kit, AND make your card in the style of that craft!

(but we won’t tell if you decided to take it easy on yourself…)

For Your Dabbling Date. Manageable for the maker. 'One click and done' for you. One-off make kits can be the perfect ‘taster’ for someone thinking about trying a new art or craft, but who’s not sure if they will want to take it further and go deep. This LOVE logo Cushion Making Kit will leave you sitting pretty. Meanwhile, the Sock Monkey Craft Kit is perfect for your cuddle-monkey! (Aww Schnookums!!). For a nice addition, check out this great all-rounder sewing book.

Simply Make, Create Your Own "Love" Logo Cushion:

Sock Monkey Craft Kit:

(Book) The Sewing Book:

For the ‘Macho-Maker’.

Trying to put a little creativity in your partner’s life when they rail against ‘girly’ activities can be tough. But wouldn’t it be nice to share a love of Making!? Luckily there are some great ‘macho-friendly’ kits out there. If it’s got wood, wire, mechanics or fire - you might have more success with negotiating the Man-Cave into a Make-Cave!

The Build Your Own Marble Coaster comes pre-cut, but with JUST the right amount of screwing, fixing and tinkering to keep mechanical minds entertained for hours. The woodpunk, crank-handle results are a real kick! The ROKR company makes a range of cool wooden build kits with puzzle boxes, vehicles, clocks and even a working wooden gramophone. Kits start from £28.99.

I'll be blogging in the future about my love of Pyrography (Creative Wood-Burning) - this Pyrography Starter Kit is the one I wish I'd had when I first started - with a bunch of nice tool tips for different patterns, adjustable heat, a stand, tidy-case and even some romantic wooden hearts to get started on! Great for your hunk o' BURNIN' LOVE! (See what I did there?!). They can even refer to (and use) it as a soldering kit for bonus macho-points.

Speaking of branding your name on their heart... help them to leave their mark (and not a love-bite!) - Stamping Tools can be used either on leather or thinner metals. I have a set of these for labelling my metal tins and boxes when I re-use and recycle. Take some time to work out what style and size of typeface you want. Also look at how the tool attaches to the changeable heads (in case you want to get more heads with different patterns in the future).

Finally a Book about Woodwork - and a very thorough one at that!

ROKR Wooden Marble Coaster, Building Kit:

Preciva 45 in 1 Wood Burning Pen and Soldering Iron Kit:

(Book) Creative Woodburning:

6mm Letter Alphabet and Number Stamp Punch Kit:

(Book) Woodwork: The Complete Step-by-step Manual:

For Couch-Crafters with Idle Hands.

Know someone who’s getting restless in lockdown? With all the will in the world, binge-watching becomes a bit samey when you feel have no other choices! If they prefer to have their hands occupied while you goggle through 7 series epics, Origami is perfect. No glue or mess on the couch. No needle jabs when you look at the movie instead of your handiwork. You may even find that you’ll want to turn the TV off and enjoy the mindful engagement of conquering a new fold! For others, the joy is in seeing just how many of your favourite fold you can blast through in the course of a movie or series.

If you prefer to make your gift, a Jar of Lucky Stars if very ‘kawaii’. Watch my 'How To' video to make a Lucky Star Lamp:

Lucky Star Strips Plain 27 colours: Lucky Star Origami Strips Marble or Galaxy Patterns:

LED Light Up Jar Clear Glass Lantern & Fairy Lights:

If you’re gifting the craft to your partner, a Lush Pack of Papers and an Instructional Book is a perfect combination.

(Instruction Book) Japanese Origami for Beginners:

(History Book) Notes on the History of Origami:


(Luxury) Origami Paper 15x15cm Japanese Patterns 80 Sheets:

(Value) Old Newspaper Print Double Sided 40 sheets 4 designs:

(Value) Old Music Sheets Print Double Sided 40 sheets 4 designs:

(Value) Origami Paper 100 Sheets Japanese Double Sided:

(Value) Origami Paper Double Sided 200 Sheets Galaxies, Japanese Nature, Abstracts:

Make Your Own Cards.

If all you’re going to do this year is send a card - super-charge it with love by making it yourself! I used to love these Scratch Art Kits as a kid. Scratching out your own design will bring you hours of childish fun!

Rainbow Scratch Art Heart Card Kit:

Scratch Art Paper Stack 30 Rainbow, 10 Gold 10 Silver:

Copper Scratch Art Blank Sheets:

Note from the Ed: I am an Amazon Associate. Some of the links in this post help you find the items mentioned in the article. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Tell me in the comments below - are you celebrating Valentines this year? Which of these gifts is on your wish list? What are you giving this year?


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