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MAKE a Move! My Week on the Think Media YouTube Influence Challenge.

Wow! Just wow! To so many things! My brain is exploded! My energy is up! I pulled THE WORST face in history! AND...

You won't believe this... I was wobbling around the internet, looking for ways to get better at blogging and reach more people, and... well you know how I love a #Giveaway right?! I stumbled across YouTube Studio Kit Tech Giveaway ...and the rest is history! (referral link)

I only saw it 1 day before the week started - the luck of timing! I signed up, thought I'd give it a watch and now it's nearly the end of the week long challenge and I am absolutely exhillerated! Sean Cannell's Think Media company have run an ENTIRE week of FREE seminar livecasts on Facebook - The YouTube Influence Challenge. They have educated us, encouraged us and CHALLENGED us to up our YouTube game! There are people from all walks of life, and at all different stages on their YouTube journey - and the atmosphere is electric. Think's super-group of presenters have provided two 2hr sessions each day, working through Sean's 7 Rs Strategy for massive gains in: - Subscribers - Viewing hours - Monetization - Influence and impact - Community, Creativity and Confidence Now, it would be rude of me to give his secrets away for free - and Think Media are doing that themselves in the Challenge, anyway! Amazingly, it's not too late to join - the challenge runs until Tuesday January 26th, and the all the previous units are available to watch until then - tomorrow (Sunday) is a rest day - so you could cram like crazy and be all caught up for Monday!! All I need to tell you is that I have got off my voluptuous butt and MADE MY FIRST VIDEO! It's rough, it's embarrassing, but it's OUT THERE! So, why not give it a watch - if only to have a good giggle at my gurning. The prophecy is coming true - I am becoming the George Formby of Jazz!

The video is a complement to my 'You-Could-Lele' blog post about 'Getting Started on Ukulele' - if you fancy a read. As part of my daily challenge, I'm finding creative ways to encourage you all to have a watch! So, if you've already entered my 'Whiskey Explorer Giveaway' - there's now some new entry routes. Increase your chances HERE!

Alright! I better hustle - got another Live-stream at 23:50! Better #MakeTracks !

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