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Bloggers, Businesses & YOU - Everybody Wins

As I delve deeper into the world of blogging, vlogging and social media content creation, I find my inbox is starting to get swamped. Emails pile up from people and businesses offering tips, strategies and products to enhance my output and grow my reach. It's really hard to know who is 'legit' and who is selling you up into a pyramid scheme.

Let's face it, one of the ways that I myself like to attract subscribers and social followers is through #Competitions, #Giveaways and opportunities for you guys to #WIN. That could be through direct giveaways from me (Click here for my current Whiskey Explorer Giveaway), by curating lists of other relevant giveaways from other providers (Click here for my #WinTheWorld #TravelCompetitions page), or simply by creating content that, hopefully, gives you knowledge and inspiration for free. This is rooted in the fact that I am a Hobby Comper. The My Comping Hobby post explains WHY I think everyone can benefit from entering competitions, and gives tips for increasing the benefits, and minimising the risk.

Last week I jumped on board the FREE #ThinkMedia #YouTubeInfluenceChallenge - which I found through a giveaway! This week, I'm giving you heads up about a giveaway closing soon - from SUMMERANA ACADEMY, a hub for photography and photo editing that would suit you well if you want to take your photo interests to the next level! Summerana are giving away the winners choice of a Nikon, Sony or Canon digital camera! Perfect for upping your #TravelPhotography and #TravelVideo game (when we can travel again!). These cameras are also great for those considering YouTube, Blogging or other content creation! CLICK HERE TO ENTER (referral link). THERE'S JUST 5 DAYS LEFT!

Yes - Summerana are looking to grab your attention and your social support in return for entries into this giveaway - but don't we all benefit from this? You stand to win big, and if you're interested in the cameras, it couldn't hurt to have a great photo education resource like Summerana in your inbox every once in a while! Lastly, I'm hoping you'll think of MakeTracksTravel as the place to hit-up when you're looking for inspiration and encouragement to #Discover new creative passions, or just a sign-post to the latest kick-ass opportunities to #WIN! (CLICK HERE to SUBSCRIBE if you want more WIN in your life!)


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