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Hello Cheeky!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Howdy Doody! I'm Lucy - and this is my introductory blog post - which I'm sure will quickly make it's way into the annals of history and become the ABOUT ME blurb page!

So... let's get to know each other - I'll tell you a bit about me - and you can tell me about you in the comments!


It's been a very VERY strange year in 2020. I had just managed to get my live event singing business built up when KERPLUNK... COVID-19! Being live-in carer to my vulnerable Mum meant I wouldn't be able to attend gigs where I could have contact with potential carriers. 2020 has been a locked-down, home-bound year. Despite all that, I've had a surprisingly good time! Crafting, creating, trying new things and discovering plenty.

I came to re-evaluate the things that I really need to stay stable, sane and content.

Beyond covering the basics like a place to live, safety, food and health - I NEED creativity and discovery. When I have these things, it's amazing how many other supposed 'needs' disappear into the periphery - where they belong!

Just a few shots of memories makes and moments that keep me content.
Makes, Tracks & Travels - The Important Things in Life

I think 2021 and the years beyond are going to be very different for us all, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great thing - and we can have a lot of influence on how great things can be. 2020 has given us all a nudge to review our priorities - and for me, it's made me want to try new and different ways to make an income.

I still love performing and I'm sure I'll continue to do it - but I wanted to shake up my income streams and their effect on my autonomy and the range of choices in my life.


I guess it's all going to be something of an experiment! I'm going to see if I can produce a blog that's interesting enough to support affiliate marketing and other online income streams. There... I said the dirty, DIRTY words!

BUT! - from the statement above, you can imagine my attitude towards the current state of commercial blogging!

I don't like 'Influencers' who swing their weight about to get freebies.

I actively avoid affiliate marketing and blogs which endorse products that are unethical, environmentally damaging or bloody useless!

So, with that in mind - I'm going to make an attempt at becoming an 'ethical influencer', an 'altruistic enabler' and a 'realistic reviewer'.

I'd like to bring you the inspiration and access to get creative - for your own pleasure.

I'd like to provide you with recommendations for discovery - ways to stimulate your mind, and widen your horizons - whether that earns me a crust or not!

I'd like to offer my musings on the types of questions that cross my mind in daily life - just in case there's anyone out there who might be comforted to know that other people wonder about the same things!

Yes - Ok - if taking up a new craft means I'm able to point you to a provider - and they say thank you to me with a few pence per click - I'm going to take that action. My promise to you is that I will always be open and upfront about that. I will only recommend items that I think will genuinely add value to your life.

If I ever get to a point where it's worth selling Ad-Space on the site - well... you're big boys and girls (and non-binaries!) - you can make up your mind whether to click or not!


I've chosen MAKE (Creative Arts & Crafts) TRACKS (Music Creation & Curation) TRAVEL as my title - and the pillars of my blog - because these are the things that stimulate MY mind and widen MY horizons. They make me HAPPY! I also think I have a little skill and experience in these areas that I can share. Maybe I'll even be able to help others to enjoy more of them - a prospect that excites me.

You'll find a starter post under each of these subject categories (coming in the next week). When the posts go up - I'd love to hear from you in the comments about what you'd like to see more of.

I've also created a BLOG LIFE category - for filing away all the other oddities and interests that flash through my addled brain. I can tell you straight away that I am an avid fan of COMPING, and that I'm trying to clean up my ENVIRONMENTAL & ETHICAL IMPACT in everyday life. So I'll be posting about ways to win, and little changes we can all make to effect a BIG change for the planet. I also have to work hard to keep a balance in my PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH, and I over-share! So expect posts about tackling hirsutism (bearded lady alert), the struggle to keep exercise interesting,

healthy and ethical eating tips and a whole host of over nonsense that you might see a bit of yourself in!

Ok - I think that's enough for now! We've got SO MUCH to get into!

Please consider signing up to my NEWSLETTER - JUST CLICK HERE.

I haven't decided whether to go weekly, fortnightly or monthly - but I promise you won't get pestered.

You can also find me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and PINTEREST - all with the same easy handle @MakeTracksBlog.

#JoinTheJourney - for however little or long you like xxx

Gosh, look at the time! Better #MakeTracks !

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