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This page will give you a brief jump-start to exploring this GIGANTIC country and getting the most out of it. Check the links or just

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USEFUL TO KNOW... - Driving, Currencies, Emergencies, Power etc


Population: approx 128.9 million (01/01/2022) 
Size:  1.964 million km² (761,610 sq miles)

Drive Time North to South:
Don't Even... 39hrs from Juarez in the North West to Cancun in the South East - and that's with no stops! You can expect the average drive between major destinations to last anything between 3 hours and 12 hours!

Road Rules : Drive on the RIGHT 
Urban Residential/Parking Areas: 10 km/h (6 mph)
Urban Roads with no speed signage: 60 km/h (37 mph)

Rural 2 Lane: 70 - 90 km/h (40-55 mph)​

Motorway/Freeway: 110 km/h (68 mph)

Electricity: A and B Type Plugs - 127V voltage / 60Hz
Bathroom: Toilet Paper in the Bin / Do Not Flush Paper
(What's more, I'd highly recommend carrying toilet paper with you
Water: Not Recommended to Drink from Tap - Buy Bottled

Currency: Mexican Pesos
Language: Mexican Spanish - but there's 60+ native languages still in use. 
Dial Code: +52
Emergency Services: 911 (South All Services)  


Hello: Hola ("Oh-Lah") 
Goodbye: Adios ("Ah-Dee-Ohss")

Good morning: Buenos Días ("Bwen-oss Dee-Ass")
Good afternoon/evening: Buenas Tardes ("Bwen-oss Tar-Dess")

Goodnight: Buenas Noches ("Bwen-ass Noh-chez")


How are you?: ¿Como Estas? ("¿Koh-moh Es-tahss")
My name is... : Me llamo... ("Meh Yah-Moh")...

Yes: Sí ("See")

No: No ("Noh")

Thank you: Gracias ("Grah-see-ass")

Please/You’re welcome: De Nada ("Deh Nah-Dah")
Excuse me: Perdóneme ("Per-doh-neh-meh")

Where is... ?: ¿Done Esta?  ("¿Dohn-Day Ess-tah")
... the bathroom:el baño ("el Bahn-yoh")
Help Me: Auitarme ("Aye-Ooh-tar-Mey")

Oops: Ups ("Ups") A general, gental exclamation
Cheers: Salud! ("Sahl-ood")

How do you say this in Spanish?: ¿Como se dices en Español?
("¿Koh-Moh Seh Dee-sess en Ess-pan-yol?")


Respect the Catholic Religion - even though this was forced upon the Mexican nations by invading nations, it is still a cherished religion - and like all belief systems - should be respected.​

Don't assume stereotypes - no matter what Netflix wants you to believe - violence and the drug business is abhorred by the general population of Mexico. Not every Mexican wants to migrate to the United States and become a hotel cleaner or gardener, and stereotyping anyone, from anywhere, as lazy is just plain rude. 

As with every other country - talk to people as you would on a date, or making a friend in your own country. If you are interested in social issues (Drugs, Crime, LGBTQ+ Rights, Employment, Health Care) - just ask - but I tend to find you get a better response if you frame questions as a comparison to your home country. Ask how THAT individual feels about a particular topic, and also what the actual law of the country is.
(This applies to any country really - not just Mexico. 

Learn some Spanish - Even enough to say please and thank you, and to ask how to learn more Spanish will light up your friend's eyes with pleasure. I can't tell you how many people I saw making no effort to speak any Spanish and it's so incredibly embarrassing and rude.
Especially when you consider that this language was forced on the nation my invading Spaniards. To now be treated coldly if they don't speak English too... it's just a step too far!


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