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MANY FACES OF LUCY BARLOW AUTHOR OF TRAVEL PHOTOS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY ON  Make Tracks Travel Blog - Creativity Music and Travel for Better Mental and Emotional Health

Where does anyone start with this stuff?!

- Blogger on Creativity & Travel

- Digi-Dosh-Diva

- Jazz Vocalist

- Film Editor

- Crazy Aunty

- Black Dog Walker (Depressive)

- Crafty Noodler

- Arty Doodler

My aim is to be an 'ethical influencer', an 'altruistic enabler' and a 'realistic reviewer'.  

I'd like to bring you the inspiration and access to get creative - for your own pleasure.  

I'd like to provide you with discovery - ways to stimulate your mind, and widen your horizons. 

I'd like to offer my musings on the types of questions and quandaries that cross my mind in daily life

- just in case there's anyone out there who might be comforted to know there are other people who wonder and worry about the same things!

If I can be of any help to you, drop me a line - CLICK HERE

Note from the Ed:

I am an Affiliate for Amazon, Awin and Commission Junction (publishing for multiple companies).

This means that some of the links in Blog Posts direct to a particular product, service or shop - and if you decide to buy that item (or anything else from that company, usually within about 30 days of clicking through) - I may receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you - and if you find value in my blogs, vlogs and social media - it's an easy way to support me. Thanks in advance


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